• resistive-loadbanks

    Resistive Loadbanks

    A Resistive load applied at a power factor of 1.0 (unity), provides stable and accurate load to prove engine output at the point of build or commissioning. Resistive loadbanks can also be used to keep engines in peak condition where the actual applied load is lower than the output of the engine. To avoid excessive carbon build-up and the associated oil pressure and turbo-charger problems, a regular resistive load is a cost effective way to protect power generation assets.

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  • resistive-reactive-loadbanks

    Resistive-Reactive Loadbanks

    A Resistive-Reactive Loadbank allows testing at conditions replicating a lagging power factor and ensures complete engine and alternator testing. Many Generators and Turbines are rated at around 0.8pf and therefore can only be fully tested at 100% nameplate rating by utilizing a Resistive-Reactive loadbank. Crestchic offers both Combined Resistive-Reactive or Reactive only Loadbanks.

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  • dc-loadbanks

    DC Loadbanks

    Batteries are used extensively across industry to provide critical parallel emergency power to essential systems. The reliable operation of these batteries is vital. Crestchic’s range of DC loadbanks are specially designed to provide an accurate load for the discharge of batteries, both following amps and voltage.

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  • packaged-transformers


    Crestchic manufactures a broad range of multi tap Transformers, with capacities from 2000kVA up to 8000kVA, and typical voltages from 3kV up to 36kV.

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  • ac-medium-voltage-loadbanks

    AC Medium Voltage Loadbanks

    Crestchic manufacture a range of Medium Voltage load banks for applications where there may be physical space/footprint limitations in accommodating a separate load bank and transformer solution.

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