Crestchic’s Direct Current (DC) Loadbanks:

  • Range from 24v/100A up to 700v/450A
  • Dual & multi voltage units available
  • Constant current control
  • Multiple 1amp steps
  • Manual operation available
  • Choice of control systems & data acquisition

Corona control system with PC or HHT100 interface

Corona is Crestchic’s state of the art software based control system for DC Loadbanks. It comprises of a high performance microprocessor housed within the loadbank enclosure providing supervisory operation & monitoring, along with real-time data acquisition from the loadbank instrumentation, coupled with either the HHT100 or a PC based interface.

  • Multiple loadbank control facility
  • Typical 1kW load resolution across the load range
  • Load entry in kW or Amps
  • DC instrumentation with high speed data sampling to 0.5% accuracy
  • Automatic sequencing by load profile programmes, % of actual load or supply
  • Chart recorder data capture
  • Multi-lingual display (4 languages)