Crestchic has many years experience in testing and commissioning in the oil and gas industries and has been involved in large projects around the world and has recently successfully completed a 66MVA test at 33kV at an Oil Field expansion project in the Middle East.

Commissioning offshore turbines using loadbanks is essential, as a failure can be difficult and expensive to rectify once the platform is at sea.

Loss of production revenue can be millions of dollars.

The testing involves incremental steps up to full load, to check turbine parameters for both fuel consumption and different types of fuel. In addition, monitoring vibration, temperature and airflow will ensure peak efficiency once the facility is on station and working to capacity.

At the same time, it is possible to simulate the effect of a large block load being introduced or withdrawn, e.g. a pump or compressor, measuring the recovery interval (‘transient response’) until the engine speed returns to normal.

This migrates against the risk that the engine does not recover and the alternator fails.