Loadbank rental from Crestchic provides customers with flexible and convenient solutions for load testing, with a very wide range of loadbank specifications and delivery options.

Specifying a loadbank

When specifying a loadbank, have the following information handy:

  • Size and purpose of load required (kW/kVA)?
  • Test voltage?
  • AC or DC test supply?
  • If AC, is it single or three-phase, what frequency?
  • Resistive (Unity Power Factor) or Resistive/Reactive (0.8 Power Factor typically)?
  • Is remote control required?
  • Length of remote control cable?
  • Load cable length?
  • Cam-lok tails required?
  • Loadbank control type?
  • Rental duration?
  • Site location and type?
  • Is a survey required?
  • Weekday, evening or weekend time required on site?
  • Installation by Crestchic?

Crestchic also has a large fleet of containerized transformers from 2.9MVA to 8.0MVA. These transformers are multi-tap and can operate at voltages from 600V to 36kV. Crestchic transformers are supplied in standard ISO type containers fully bundled with save-all bases, compete with MV and LV switchgear.

Contact Crestchic today to find out more and for an accurate Rental quotation.