Defibrillator at Crestchic's factoryCrestchic, a world leader in load bank design, manufacture and rental, has implemented a potentially life-saving suggestion to add some defibrillators in the workplace, from one of its long-standing employees.

Ben Woodward, a Senior Service Engineer at Crestchic’s headquarters in Burton on Trent, entered his suggestion into the company scheme that rewards employees for ideas that help improve health and safety and productivity, about having some easily accessible defibrillators placed on walls around the workshop.

Ben said: “I’ve worked for Crestchic since 2002 and value them as an employer that cares about their workforce. I’ve noticed more and more defibrillators are available in public areas these days and thought it would be a good idea to have them available to use in the workshop.

“Defibrillators can be a crucial item of equipment to help keep one of my fellow colleagues alive, should the occasion ever occur. My suggestion was picked up by the management team and I was given £100 for the idea, but I decided to give it back to my employer to allow them to purchase multiple units as this is far more important to me than the money.”

According to the St. John’s Ambulance, Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are a portable life saving device that can give a casualty’s heart an electric shock, when it has stopped beating normally in a sudden cardiac arrest. A defibrillator works by checking the casualty’s heart rhythm once the defibrillator pads are placed on their chest and giving them a shock if needed.

By using a defibrillator before an ambulance arrives, you can significantly increase someone’s chance of survival.

Chris Caldwell, Managing Director at Crestchic, said: “We set up the employee suggestion scheme to help us identify where we can improve our business. All employees with winning suggestions are given a cash reward of £100 when we review them each quarter. Over the years we’ve found some incredible ideas have come forward and it’s employees, like Ben, who help make Crestchic the company it is today.”