Load Bank Services & Spares

With over 40 years of load bank manufacturing, Crestchic support their load banks of varying sizes and age across the world.
Our service contracts help keep your Crestchic load bank in peak condition with regular maintenance and software upgrade visits scheduled at your convenience. Our data module calibration service ensures that the applied electrical load is accurate over a 12 month period, with traceability to UKAS laboratory standards.

  • Regular 12-month plan
  • Software upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Global coverage
  • Over 40 years’ experience
  • Canopy exterior
  • Container exterior
  • Mechanical tests
  • Electrical tests (isolated)
  • Electrical Tests (Aux. Power Required)
  • Electrical Tests (Test Source Required)
  • Additional housekeeping checks and tests
  • UKAS Laboratory Standards
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 certification

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Service Contracts


Annual Service Visit

An annual visit from one of our service engineers will help prolong the life of your load bank, for full details of what is included please see ‘Standard Service Schedule’ opposite.


Contract Period

Offered over a period of 3 or 5 years, including routine service visits scheduled annually or biannually. Including free engineering support over the phone, software upgrades when required, discounted rates on service visits and priority engineering resource.


Software Upgrades

Keeping software versions up-to-date offers improved performance and extra function. Load bank internal software updates and new releases of PC software are included in a routine service, where the fitted hardware will allow. Should the internal hardware be well behind that of the current system, advice will be offered about the possibility of upgrade.


Hardware (operating system) upgrades

Offering extended load bank lifetime and replacing parts that have become unavailable, avoiding possible load bank down-time due to unavailability of parts for equipment that is 10+ years old. Improved function with new features.

Standard Schedule


Canopy/Container Exterior

  • Test exterior for rusting.
  • Test all doors and hinges, grease where necessary and test for water ingress.
  • Test lifting eyes and castors (where fitted).
  • Test control sockets and emergency stop(s).
  • Test warning lamps and warning labels.
  • Test air intakes and exhausts are clear.

Mechanical Tests

  • Test all electrical connections for tightness.
  • Test all cables and crimped connections for signs of damage or overheating.
  • Test all elements and supports for signs of damage/rusting.
  • Test all fans for tightness, rotation and bearing noise/movement.
  • Test fan air flow switches for operation.
  • Test all fuses for continuity.
  • Test all contactors for damage.

Electrical Tests (Isolated)

  • Test function of all switches, fan overloads, phase rotation relays, temperature sensors.
  • Measure and record resistive and reactive (where fitted) resistances.
  • Measure and record insulation resistance between individual phases and earth.

Electrical Tests (Auxiliary Power Required)

  • Test running unit for fan noise, vibration and air flow.
  • Enable each load step and check contactors for noise.
  • Test all associated emergency shutdowns.

Electrical Tests (Test Source Required)

  • Load test each step individually and record phase currents using calibrated instruments.
  • Test and record equipment instrumentation (where fitted).

Other Tests

  • Fully clean unit internally.
  • Replace perishable items where fitted (air filters, lamps etc).
  • Test function of anti-condensation heater(s).
  • Test all internal earthing is connected.
  • Software upgrade to latest compatible version included.

Our Recent Projects

15x 300kW load bank Service

Our workshop recently saw 15x 300kW load banks brought in for their annual service. The work was completed ahead of schedule and the load banks returned to the customer site the same week.

On-site upgrade

A Crestchic engineer was dispatched to Finland to upgrade a load bank to have a bit-parallel control system. All work completed on time and on site.

Frequent Questions


Can you repair on site?

Following a fault finding process, if the load bank can be maintained on site, one of our qualified engineers will be assigned to make the repairs at your location.


What standards do you work to?

Crestchic is certified to the latest quality ISO 9001 and Environmental ISO 14001 standards. We also utilise a data module calibration service, which ensures that the applied electrical load is accurate over a 12-month period. This has full traceability to UKAS laboratory standards.


Which products do you service?

Crestchic manufacturers, supplies and fully maintains a fleet of AC Resistive, Resistive-Reactive, Medium Voltage and DC load banks. We also have a range of step-up/step-down transformers and control systems.


What do you test?

A comprehensive list of electrical and mechanical systems are tested as well as other items such as internal lighting, air filters and software.

During their annual service, our load banks are thoroughly checked against an exhaustive list for optimal performance and longevity of use.

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