For generator manufacturer s that rely on load banks to test the generators they design and build, ensuring those load banks are working optimally is an essential part of their annual quality policy. 

For a globally renowned manufacturer of canopy generators, headquartered in Spain, the calibration and servicing of its load banks is critical to the quality output of its production. For this reason, they call on the external expertise of Crestchic to get the job done. 

Steven Jewell, Service Engineer for Crestchic comments: 

“When load bank testing is used to ensure the performance of new generators entering the market, it is critical that those load banks work without fault. To achieve that, regular planned servicing, maintenance, and re-calibration is essential. 

“This Spanish generator manufacturer understands that no stone can be left unturned when it comes to the performance of its new products, which is why they partner with Crestchic for their annual load bank maintenance and inspection.”

A thorough investigation of performance

The Crestchic team arrived at the Spanish factory for a two-day visit, with a view to servicing two 3.3MVA 690/400V Star-Delta load banks. Even though the factory engineers were not experiencing any performance issues with their load banks, the Crestchic team identified abnormal electrical noise which was thoroughly investigated to ensure the equipment was safe and performance would not be affected. 

Steven added: “The real benefit of using a load bank expert for annual servicing is that they can often identify potential issues that the onsite engineers are not attuned to. When load bank testing is so critical to business operations, this level of detail is essential.” 

Upon investigation, the Crestchic team confirmed that the electrical noise was caused by a poorly routed control cable, which was re-routed to resolve the issue.

Additionally, two tests were carried out to improve voltage dip and the customer requested updated drawings so that a selectable internal/external voltage switch could be installed along with fuse protection. 

Demonstrating the latest software technologies 

Annual servicing provides an ideal opportunity for Crestchic to educate customers on any potential upgrades that may be required to their equipment. In this instance, the customer was introduced to the LC80 Controller that could improve user experience and reporting of tests conducted in the Spanish factory. 

Steven concludes: “Technological advancements happen all the time, and we strive to ensure customers are always well-informed about whether the equipment they are using may become obsolete, or if there are new technologies available that could improve their load bank performance.

“This puts our customers in the best position to make informed choices about future load bank investments.”

For more information on annual servicing visit services and spares on the Crestchic website.