A global multinational shipbuilder and cruise ship designer appointed Crestchic Loadbanks to deliver a significant programme of upgrades to four 5.5 MW load banks located near its headquarters in Italy. 

Known for its successes in all high-tech shipbuilding sectors, including naval and offshore vessels, mega yachts and high-complexity ferries, this world-leader has built more than 7,000 ships to date. Working from 18 shipyards globally, the group uses load banks to test and commission power sources for new vessels before they are declared fit to sail.

The project specifics

The four load banks in question had been in situ since 2013 and were in need of complete refurbishment and substantial upgrading. With new vessels being built throughout the year, this was a time-sensitive project, with only a matter of weeks available in which to complete the full program of works. 

Pulling out all the stops, a team of Crestchic’s specialist service engineers stayed in Italy for three weeks – completing the work on time, exceeding customer expectations, and ensuring the four load banks could remain in service and deliver optimised performance. 

Proving power performance before vessels sail

Most modern vessels are built with all-electric power systems, comprising a single power network that is supplied by a primary energy source. This is often made up of multiple diesel generators or gas turbines.

Using a load bank to simulate these conditions and test power supplies during the shipbuilding phase validates that, when the vessel makes its maiden voyage, it has a power system that can fulfill its propulsion and onboard power requirements without fail. 

It also ensures that the backup power system can reliably power on-ship requirements like refrigeration, lighting, heating, or air-conditioning, keeping the vessel supplied with power in even the most arduous of marine conditions.

Experience in action

With over 30 years’ experience in serving the marine and shipping sector, Crestchic was confident it had the expertise to fulfil what was a significant value project for its service team.

Ian Casson, Service Manager at Crestchic commented on the success of the project: “The shipyard in Venice is an always-on environment, so timeframes were tight. We worked strategically to ensure the four load banks received all the essential upgrades and refurbishments they needed and were recommissioned before the next ship was ready for power testing.

“This was a substantial project both in prestige and value and really showcased Crestchic’s ability to work at the forefront of the shipbuilding sector, testing and commissioning power sources for some of the most state-of-the-art vessels on the sea.”

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