Crestchic, a leading global provider of load bank solutions, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Energy and Sustainability Award at the upcoming AMPS awards. Hosted by the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems (AMPS), the awards are held to honour outstanding achievements and innovations in the power generation industry.

Chris Caldwell, Managing Director at Crestchic and member of the AMPS committee, commented: “Innovation is the lifeblood of progress in our sector. As suppliers and manufacturers in the power sector, we must evolve to meet the needs of new and emerging technologies. What we do is inextricably linked to the energy transition and, as we navigate this rapidly changing energy landscape, we must celebrate and support initiatives that embrace working practices which contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability.”

Crestchic has a longstanding history of supporting AMPS, with a track record of success as proud winners in various categories. In 2022, Crestchic won Manufacturer of the Year, Member Company of the Year, and Engineer of the Year, underscoring the company’s dedication to excellence and leadership within the power generation community.

Commenting on Crestchic’s continued support of AMPS, Chris said, ” AMPS provides an invaluable platform for professionals to come together, share knowledge, and recognise outstanding contributions. As we have experienced firsthand, being a part of AMPS fosters a spirit of collaboration and excellence.”

The Energy and Sustainability Award sponsored by Crestchic reflects the company’s commitment to promoting environmentally responsible practices and solutions within the power generation sector. Chris explains, “Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a responsibility we bear as an industry. We know first-hand that delivering carbon savings isn’t a quick win. We’re in the process of switching our fleet to electric vehicles and have installed EV charging points and opted for energy-efficiency lighting systems in our factories – even seemingly small changes can take time and cost commitment. That’s why we are keen to recognise those who are making a meaningful impact in driving sustainable practices and shaping a cleaner, more efficient future.

“We look forward to an exceptional evening on the 16th of November and wish all the finalists the very best of luck.”

The AMPS awards take place on the 16th of November, at the National Motorcycle Museum.