A huge well done to Marta Zemite, Assistant Accountant at Crestchic Loadbanks UK, who has been awarded CIPD’s student of the year.

After joining the Crestchic team in April 2022, Marta approached her manager, Louise, and expressed an interest in learning more about Human Resouces. The company supported her to study for her CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice at Burton and South Derbyshire College.

Louise explains, “I agreed that it would be a good business decision, as well as a great development opportunity for Marta personally, so Crestchic funded the course. We’re really proud of her achievements and are very pleased to be able to support her to progress in her career.”

On May 25th 2023, Marta attended the CIPD Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Branch Annual Meeting, where she was awarded Burton and South Derbyshire College’s Student of the Year.

Her tutor said the following: “I have chosen Marta as my nomination for Student of the Year based on various outstanding qualities she has demonstrated throughout the course. Her exceptional attitude in the lessons, combined with her willingness to share stories and offer help to fellow classmates, sets her apart. Marta is remarkable in the ways she maintains the balance between her job, running her own business, looking after her young daughter, and never missing a deadline with her Level 3.

“Marta’s ability to juggle multiple commitments without compromising her dedication to the course is commendable. Her nomination for Student of the Year goes beyond her academic achievements. It reflects her remarkable resilience, determination, and ability to excel in the face of challenging circumstances. I believe Marta’s exceptional qualities and accomplishments make her an ideal candidate for Student of the Year.”

Congratulations to Marta for her award to celebrate all her hard work at college. Good luck with the next level!

Marta is pictured on the right with her tutor on the left..