Loadbank manufacturer Crestchic has appointed SSBM Consultants as its sole and exclusive agent for loadbanks, containerised transformers and associated control products for the whole of India.
The world’s largest loadbank manufacturer and rental company, Crestchic operates globally to provide equipment used for simulating real electrical loads, enabling essential set-up and commissioning which ensures all electrical and control parameters are met prior to power generation or back-up equipment being energised online. The company will be working with SSBM, a group of highly experienced professionals whose activities encompass the oil and gas and energy sectors, to develop sales across India where growth in economy has seen a boom in the demand for independent power generation.
SSBM is led by proprietor and principal consultant Ethiraj (Raj) Muthumalla, a specialist in power systems whose experience has taken him across Asia and the Far East on projects involving oil, gas and power generation. His main area of specialisation is the design of systems to provide reliable standby power in all critical applications inclusive of healthcare and data systems.
Describing the opportunities for Crestchic in the Indian market, he said: “The challenge faced by India’s growing economy is that the electrical power infrastructure cannot meet the demands placed on it by business and industry, so there is a high dependence on power generators either as back up or to provide independent supplies.
“I have long been advising our clients that simply providing a standby generator with automatic mains failure (AMF) panels is not enough to guarantee that the required power would be delivered in the event of an outage of primary power. I would advocate that the routine maintenance schedule of a standby generator should necessarily include using a loadbank to load it to full capacity. Crestchic is the world-leader in this technology and we are delighted to be working with it to develop sales across India.”
Speaking for Crestchic, Sales and Marketing Director Paul Brickman added: “SSBM is well established in some of the key industrial sectors in India, and being based in Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, which is the biggest industrial and commercial centre in southern India, they are ideally placed to help develop Crestchic’s business in the sub-continent.
“India has a stable growth economy and with the rise in operations such as healthcare, data and call centres, there is excellent market potential for our products and services. In our exploratory discussions, we were impressed by Raj’s passion for establishing reliable power systems and there was an obvious synergy between our two operations so we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Note to editors: Founded in 1983, Crestchic is one of the world’s leading specialist manufacturers of loadbanks which are used in the testing of power supplies in the most demanding climactic and environmental conditions across seven continents. Operating from locations in the UK, North America, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Germany, Brazil and Dubai, the company is at the forefront of innovation and design, with thriving sales and rental operations and a loyal and growing customer base worldwide. For further information visit www.crestchic.co.uk or call +44 (0)1283 531645.